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3 Ways of Embodying Sri Lakshmi

October 8, 2016

We are now in the second cycle of Navaratri dedicated to Great Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi the creative fullness and regenerative power of the sacred feminine in all forms. In the ancient text, the Devi Mahatmya, devotees invoke the Great Mother in battle with all regressive forces - Ma Durga is also joined on the battlefield. Ma Lakshmi" I take refuge in Maha Lakshmi who is the destroyer of the worst of humanity - delusion, ignorance, agression through her weapons of consiousness. Seated on a lotus with a complexion the color of color, Sri MahaLakshmi holds in her eighteen arms -  ..

Three Universal Practices for Navaratri - the Nine Nights for the Great Mother to Balance the Winds of Fall Change

October 1, 2016

New Moon - Navaratri or Nine Nights for the Great Mother begins! Three Essential Universal Navaratri Practices we can begin now.. read on my friends. The Fall Nine-Night (Nava-Ratri) Sadhana (spiritual practice) Festival begins today around the world and you can tap into the transformative power till Oct 11th and beyond. It is an extraordinary time to see what arises and can be transformed in our life, the world and how our personal practice can make a difference from moment to moment in the fast-moving Fall season. I enjoy honoring Navaratri for the last 20 years and want to ..

Burning to Bhakti

September 9, 2016

Dear Friends, Burning to Bhakti 2016-2017! So I returned from Burning Man with Daphne Tse and friends of Red Lightening full of inspiration for next year and oh so many stories to unfold later. We are now headed to the High desert of Joshua Tree for our favorite gathering of Bhaktas. I was so moved to be able to bring your prayers to the Temple at Burning Man at 4:00 a.m during a massive whiteout on the Playa. Daphne and I stayed warm together in the cool desert night huddled around the little gourd from Tulum with over 500 seed prayers inside that you ..