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Costa Rica Pranafication Open

July 25, 2013

Dear Friends,

We are so happy to be returning to our favorite New Year retreat on the sea in Nosara, Costa Rica. This is a powerful spot for a New Year Pranafication - where a daily immersion of prana flow yoga, meditation, pranadandayoga, kalari, mantra bonfires, massage, healing papaya and fruits, natural Tican cuisine meet the elements - healing ocean surf, ecologically protected beach, open sky, ocean bonfires and fresh prana.

Registration is opening today - every year this retreat is full and this year we have two weeks beginning with the Winter Solstice but half the rooms so connect with our great yogadventurer, Kristi Mosley, who has been to Costa Rica with her beloved Dan for five years in a row to assure your place (special discount for two weeks)! Dan learned to surf in Costa and is now soaring on the outside. We are grateful to the amazing community at Blue Spirit and from around the world that makes this pilgrimage with us every year. Blue Spirit has many solar-powered rooms and is an incredible example of being in harmony with the environment.

Please connect to Kristi (contact info below) as first come first serve if you are interested.

For the Waves,

All love