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New Samudra Online Courses Starting in August

July 23, 2013

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to bring Samudra Online - Global School for Living Yoga. This is a special portal that can be accessed through all mediums - computer, ipad, phone, webtv - that will allow you to stay connected through the rhythm of the year.

Keeping with the spirit of summer, we are offering three programs:

* living in rhythm meditations - for all members for new-full moon meditations
* annual women's fluid creative core - sacred belly project series for new and return practitioners
* Prana Danda Yoga for all teacher trainees
* Foundation Prana Flow Practice Series - 15 hours of Ten Foundation Solar-Lunar Practices

Our launch for registration will be next week including new courses for the Fall but we wanted you to save the date.

We will be sending you all info for our programs this week so you will be hearing from us a lot.
These are our heart offerings to you.

Live your passion
Love all ways,