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New Year's Blessings!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Feliz Nuevo Ano!

We emerged out of the ocean 2.7 billion years ago and to the sea we return.

On the first day of the New Year, millions of Brazilians go to the ocean to offer flowers and shells to the Mother Goddess Yemanja as a way to cleanse and renew oneself for the New Year and remember where we came from so we can better navigate where we are going.

Last night we crossed over into the New Year, dancing through the challenges and triumph over the fear of the end of the world. We felt the rebirth of the light and the renewal of the collective spirit for the next cycle.
During our bonfire on the beach where we ignited lanterns of prayers into the milky way-permeated sky with a huge "moon bow" or radiant circle around the bright moon that many had never seen before.

Today through the next two weeks (Jan. 1st through Jan. 14th) is a wonderful period to really embody the spirit of the New Year cycle. Makar Sankranti on Jan. 14th marks the beginning of the six-month cycle of increasing light till the Summer Solstice. Where will we be then, individually and collectively and then again when we swing around to the Winter Solstice of 2013?

How we begin the next cycle sets the pulse for the next to unfold. It seems that truly living from one moment to the next, one cycle to the next is more meaningful and practical than ever.

I am offering our Naga Shakti meditation for just a small intimate group for Makar Sankranti on Jan. 13th and our special meditation and Prana Flow practice course for New Year's (see below) as a way to support the unfolding.

There is magic in the air today. As we head into our Yoga Mala 108 and then to the sea here in Costa Rica to make our offerings to Yemanja and the ocean of possibilities, I am thinking of you and everyone around the world who is opening to the next cycle.

Let us open to a year of thriving in change and evolving in love, individually and collectively.

Thank you from my heart for the ways we are connected - perhaps you are near, even if from afar or a longtime past. We are friends on the journey.

Wishing you deep happiness, health and vital love, creative power and fulfillment on all levels!

Diving into the New,

Love all ways,