Esalen, Big Sur, CA

Fire and Flow:
Spring Regeneration Retreat

April 14 - 16, 2017

As the very flow of consciousness, you dance the world into existence. – Ksemaraja

The spring equinox is the cosmic shift that is also awakened in our cellular bodies as we honor the renewal and rebirth of the light. We will immerse ourselves in the ‘fire and flow’ of Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga as we return to Esalen's fertile land and healing hot springs to thaw, rejuvenate, and awaken into the new cycle for our body, life, and activation in the world. The Leonard Pavilion overlooking the sea will be our sacred space for the following activities: 

  • Fire and water sequences of Prana Vinyasa Flow for stoking the inner fire for awakening and regeneration
  • Morning meditation overlooking the ocean
  • The ancient art of kalaripayatu (an Indian martial art) to awaken the instinctual body
  • Outdoor fire meditation-ritual for spring equinox (weather permitting)
  • Self-massage and ayurvedic abhyanga (oil massage) for fluidity, detoxification, and longevity
  • Opportunity to join Shiva's online spring regeneration practice to integrate back into daily life
Retreat participants should have experience with the basic practice of sun salutations, and be open to invigorating, balanced practice. Please bring a yoga mat.

Note: Participants are eligible for credit toward Shiva’s Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training Program. Contact leader for details.

Recommended reading and viewing: Rea, Tending Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life and Fluid Power (DVD).

Esalen, Big Sur, CA