Yogadventure Retreats

Earth Body Pilgrimage for Men and Women

Join Shiva Rea and global yoginis for Shakti Prana Flow Wellness Immersion and Teacher Empowerment in Joshua Tree. Yogini Circle with Shiva (women) and Prana Danda Circle with Demetri (men) Your immersion will curate a ritual experience from Thursday to the Full Moon on Monday


"Shakti is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form. In shakti is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in the world. There is no jewel rarer than woman." - Shakti Sangama Tantra

Join a circle to connect modern-day yoginis with the universal and ancient yoga traditions that honour the Shakti within all of creation. Shakti Prana Flow is path of awaken the living connection of the sacred feminine from fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and the change that continues to deepen through the loving and transformative process.

Deepen your cultivation of embodied spirituality, opening to and nurturing the creative juices, passion, and wise depths of Shakti within. Be empowered to support women in these phases: moon cycle, fertile juiciness, pre-natal, motherhood, creative empowerment and wisdom change.

Each day is an empowerment into two complete solar and lunar Shakti Prana Vinyasa master classes for the practitioner. Main focus will be on the cyclical nature of the female body through Chandra and Shakti Prana Flow Namaskars (moon and goddess movement meditations), special wave sequences, Shakta-based sacred prayers, chants, mantra and texts, women’s ritual circle, and contemplation of one’s life journey.

Throughout our time together, we seek to create an embodied spirituality, opening to and nurturing the creative juices, embodied passion, and wise depths of Shakti within.

Women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience in yoga are invited to:

  • Explore the embodiment of the Shakti based on 25+ years’ experience offering yoga in a women’s circle as an empowerment to initiate women’s circles in your teaching
  • Experience four Shakti Prana Vinyasa sequences for Saraswati Ma (creative flow), Lakshmi Ma (abundant flow), Durga Ma (empowered flow) and Radharani (sringara flow) that are healing for all women from pregnant goddesses to wisdom women
  • Roots and Evolution: Chandra Namaskar and four Prana Flow Shakti Namaskars to honour the full spectrum of the goddess in movement meditation
  • Integrate Mudra, Mantra and Meditations for Shakti Sadhana
  • Awaken your Body Altar: Living Altar – personal altar care and universal puja (offering practice)
  • Explore the cyclical principles and practices that cultivate women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health to cultivate your life-force and align with natural rhythms
  • Sacred female anatomy-physiology and foundation understanding of the monthly and seasonal changes within a woman’s body
  • Pre-natal Vinyasa: principles of practice, krama/wave sequencing, use of props to support all stages of pregnancy
  • Shakti Prana Flow support for hormonal changes through fluid movement, relaxation and meditation in motion
  • Shakti: the mother goddess tradition within yoga and universally as spiritual support for the initiation of a woman’s life
  • Study and Chanting from the Lalita Sahasranama (or 1000 Names of the Goddess)
  • Darshan/background: Mini ‘Her’-story of the Great Goddess, Triple Mother, Shakta Tradition, Life of the Yoginis and Shakti Rising today
  • Archetypes – Shakti as Mother and Shakti as Independent Goddess: A reflection for all phases and choices of a women’s life
  • Stories and myths of the life of the Yogini
  • Shakti Prana Flow is based on the root and evolutionary practices from Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Prana Flow and shakti pilgrimages to India and around the globe, and 25 years of offering yoga for women to bring liberation, integration, and empowerment for women of all backgrounds in a circle of tenderness, support and love.

Shakti Fest Pre/Post Immersion - Details/Registration


  • Pricing: $450 EARLY BIRD PRICE $375 through April 1st!
  • May 9 - 14
  • Shakti Fest Ticket: Please purchase directly through Shakti Fest HERE
  • Five hours of training daily (morning and mid-day)
  • Ritual Full Moon Immersion Joshua Tree Sunday night - Monday Night
  • Optional Lydia’s Catering will be available for Monday
  • Immersion ends at Sunset and Full Moon Rising (7 p.m.) (Optional to spend the night in Joshua Tree or Bhakti Fest Campsite) or leave the next morning.
  • Earth Body Pilgrimage: Yogini Circle with Shiva (women) Prana Danda Circle with Demetri (men)
  • Teacher Training Hours: 30
  • Secure your own accommodations with Airbnb beautiful close by options or on your own - camping also available through Shakti Fest at their on site campgrounds