Costa Rica 300Hour Journey


Return to the source. Rise wih the Force. Live in Rhythm. Heal the Schism. 

Samudra Global School of Living Residential 300hr Program

Immerse fully in a 300hr curriculum retreat for 28 Days

Winter  Solstice - Jungle Christmas - New Year Pranafication 

Join a retreat of regeneration and renewal as we cultivate a way to nourish, learn, explore, deepen in a curated wellness experience to enliven your soul.     

WMeditation * Soul Surf * Solar Prana Vinyasa * Lunar Soma Prana Flow * Prana Danda with a Staff * Sahaja Prana Flow + Ecstatic Movement * Vital Living Wellness Guide Program * Living Ayurveda * Soundbath * Kirtan * Blue Spirit Healing Programs.