2017 Evolutionary Vinyasa Training Humaliwo, Malibu

2017 Evolutionary Vinyasa Training Humaliwo, Malibu

Embodying the Flow: Elemental Vinyasa - Mandala of Asanas (LIVE/Online)

March 18th - 24th, 2017

Registration is Open!

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Humaliwo Sacred Residential:

Our new Living Flow Humaliwo (Mallibu) Retreat is a extraordinary sacred space where we can live the rhythms of yoga together, as a unified community, in spacious, high-level accommodations with organic, delicious food at a rate more reasonable than any accommodations in the city - giving the most time for immersion in yoga teacher training and nourishment. Complete with pool and jacuzzi, large shared bathrooms, lounge area, full kitchen and exquisite roof top deck. We are a seva based karmic community responsible for ourselves and the care of each other.

ZUMA SANCTUARY: for the "Yogadventurer"

A world away from the crowds of LA - and only a two minute walk to our practice space. Zuma Sanctuary where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches & pristine moutains of north Malibu Here you'll be fully surrounded by nature: the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Mountains. You'll arrive to a decorated and equipped space to offer you an amazing time + kitchen utensils and our favorite organic Dr. Bronner's soaps. You'll also enjoy watching Malibu's landmark sunset from our magical yoga deck, or from our easy accessed mountain deck. Plus, a lounge deck can be used as you wish: to practice yoga, to read on a hammock or to just enjoy some downtime under a beautiful ficus tree. Our 16-acre Sanctuary offers privacy and proximity to the best beaches Malibu has to offer.