Prana Vinyasa® Global Nomadic

Transformational Evolutionary Journey of the Teacher Training Path

Create a program that aligns with your life rhythm, interests and holistic path.

Be a Teacher in Solar Prana Vinyasa or Lunar Prana Flow

Complete your 500 hour Prana Vinyasa certification or combine with Yoga Alliance registered 200hr school. Core modules include Elemental Prana Vinyasa ( Solar or Lunar) or Foundation Roots Prana Vinyasa (Solar or Lunar)

300 Hour Solar Integrated Prana Vinyasa or Lunar Prana Flow


Journey of the Year 2020-2023:


India ~ Amsterdam ~ Australia ~ Greece ~ London ~ Dublin ~ US ~ Costa Rica FULL 300hr

You will need the core Elemental Prana Vinyasa with Shiva or Senior Teacher (solar or lunar as your path requires) OR Foundation Prana Vinyasa with any global Senior Teachers. Combine these with our incredible electives for an evolutionary education in vinyasa yoga and soulful wellness.

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