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Prana Flow Wellness Guide  + Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher offers a model of grounded foundations towards deeper immersion into the yogic wisdom of vital living and health.  

Prana Flow Wellness Guide + Prana Vinyasa Teacher training offers the essential systems of Roots + Pranams,Foundation, Elemental, + Chakra Prana Vinyasa alongside our online + live year long seasonal life-style program.  You will be connected to a living community around the world to evolve into a Prana Flow Wellness Guide by embodying what you already know- being empowered by walking your intention, and organically manifesting your purpose as well as a way of giving back.  

As a Prana Flow Wellness Guide you will learn to connect anyone of any background to the essential vitality of breath flow, heart, brain, movement, and circadian rhythms of life as healing sadhana- as our natural rhythms are challenged now like never before.   

Open to all Prana Vinyasa graduates and current trainees + by application at 

Grounded in lineage and evidence-based wellness practices in meditation, flow states, Ayurveda, yoga, movement and music-  Prana Flow Wellness Guide program is live + online -taken alongside 200-500hr Prana Vinyasa certification for students who are completing the foundation modules.   

In this year long sadhana, students specialize in the wellness application of yogic wisdom including Ayurveda, classical manta, Mudra, ritual embodiment that has been part of the Samudra Global School of Living yoga for 25 years. 


Focus on:

+One to one Prana Flow Yoga/Wellness Session + Life Navigation Process

+ Firekeeping 101: Embodying Flow – Solar / Lunar Wellness

+ Living in Rhythm –New and Full Moon Meditation & Ritual

+ Ritual Seasonal Wellness - Tending the Fire Workshops

+ RootSrise - movement meditation for all backgrounds

+ Pathways of Prana Flow- Embodying the Elements for Practical and Soulful Wellness

+ Heart Community - Generate happiness and well-being

+ Purpose - Life Navigation and Activism