Vital Health

Vital Health

Our "vital signs of living" manifest uniquely in each element-chakra as the dynamic balance between excessive and wavering.  Physical health forms the foundation of our fire keeping; if we let this fire weaken, all of the other fires we tend sill suffer:  our emotions, our thought waves, enthusiasm for creativity an for life itself.  

Tending the fire of our vital energy is a revolutionary act in the modern world, the first step in taking back the body's innate wisdom and restoring it to its natural place within the fluctuating rhythm of the cosmos.  
Experience a seasonal 40-day Living Flow Sadhana to tend the inner fire, balance and activate, support and empower with tools for living wellness and flow.  Tending of our fire is an ancient skill that we can to apply modern life as support to the fires of our vitality in every aspect of our life.  

In a world where we can see the disconnecting effects of a "dim fire" or the burn our of the "excessive fire", inner fire keeping is an all-encompassing metaphor for cultivating happiness within. 

Vital Health Practices as Foundation of Living Wellness:

- Discover and honor one's natural essence (Embodying Flow) 

-Develop the meditation movement to pass on (Flow for All) 

-Develop a personal practice in harmony with one's evolution, ones relationship and life vision (Tending the Fire- Living Yoga Sadhana)

-Pathways of Prana Flow- practice and teach vinyasa as movement meditation.

-Living in Rhythm with the seasons of our life, nature's sacred cycles, and the elements is the essence of the Prana Vinyasa curriculum and life practices.