Living Vinyasa

Living Vinyasa

There are rhythms within rhythms within rhythms. And these drumbeats echo all around
us and within us. We are not outsiders to the process; we are part of it,
throbbing to the pulse of the universe.

—Deepak Chopra

Prana Vinyasa is a living system that teaches how to change with the flow of our life energy. Vinyasa in essence is every cycle of life, from the micro-pulse of the quantum and cellular pulse that emerges and dissolves in seconds, to the vinyasa of our inhale of receiving new life and our exhale of letting go, to the awakening of every morning to when we retire, and all of the mini- cycles that pervade the vinyasa of the day, week, and lunar/solar cycles. Ultimately our life from our conception to when our body dissolves is one vinyasa. Paying attention to the beginning of a cycle, the way it is sustained and builds, and the completion of a vinyasa is the open secret to living flow.

This living in deep attunement to the natural rhythms of the planet is living vinyasa in flow with the pulse of life a gateway through which we can live in harmony with the solar and lunar rhythms that dominate our biological and spiritual experience in order to find optimal flow in our lives.

In the typical working world of 9-to-5 and a life that’s becoming ever more mechanized and urban, we need to find a new way of being. For many people in the West, our natural rhythms have changed to one of 24-7 constant stimulation and high levels of stress, both of which have contributed to the rise in heart disease—the number-one killer in the U.S. even though it hardly existed more than a century ago.

There is great need for a new way to deal with the fragmenting effects of life in the twenty-first century. A “new” way of being integrating to the ways of our ancestors—who synched with nature as the flow of their lives. Prana Vinyasa practice system helps us remember what our bodies already know to be true to our own rhythm which is essential for finding peace and wholeness in our bodies. Everything in nature, and everything in our being, goes through a process of expansion and contraction. And it is the heartbeat, expanding and contracting, that keeps us alive.

The word yoga means to “yoke,” or, in other words, to “unify.” Thus, in the yoga of the heart that I teach in this book, we seek to reintegrate ourselves with the natural flow of our bodies, guided by the warm, central wisdom of our Heart Fires.

This heart-disease fact was from the Franklin Institute: