Great Fire of the Heart
Movement and stillness are luminous consciousness.
Free from seeking and from practice
The essence of the heart inundates your whole being.
Your cosmic body is manifested in totality,
The cosmos tremors within your own dwelling-place!
The honey of this realization flows in every glitter of light
Neither matter nor people are deprived of it,
The sun, moon, the rocks, and the trees, the sky and the earth
The body and the mind do nothing but proclaim this Heart vibrating to Infinity.

Daniel Odier LIVE Virtual Immersion

Starts July 2nd

For the first time, Daniel Odier, Tantric wisdom teacher of the classics, the Tantric Quest, Desire and Yoga Spandakarikas will be offering a sacred 12-part offering of the essential teachings of the lineage Spanda and Pratybijnana in a living realization.

LIVE Online Journey will be in Zoom

Weekly in English

Thursdays 12 - 1:00 p.m

Available Live on Archive

Inclusivity Scholarships + WorkStudy Available apply by July 3 2020