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Sibel Akcekaya

Location: International, Istanbul


I was always interested in spirituality and human nature as long as I have known myself. My first spiritual teaching was Islam and I was raised by a faithful mother who has been living the teachings by heart. I have always felt like there was more to what my eyes could see and materialism always bothered me. I did not have many people’s life purpose such as marriage, money, career, beauty etc..That always made me a weird one..All I wanted was to be free. First I gained my financial freedom and I have pursued an intellectual and analytical career. But then I was going to discover that freedom was not physical at all it was spiritual.

When I moved to US I wanted to explore yoga but I did not like many classes in yoga studios as they seemed an exercise class, but I did not ditch yoga because I felt that there was more to it. I bought Shiva Rea’s DVD and started practice through those videos. Since i felt attraction to her, I decided to take her training in Costa Rica to learn more
Meanwhile I discovered Rumi more. Although some part of my family is from Konya,Turkey I have never discovered much about Rumi. I had to move to US to discover him.
When I red his poems I felt the strong connection to him as he was describing all the intense passion and love I have been feeling since I was a kid.I am still exploring his poems in English and Turkish and writing about it on my blog.
I also worked with Mark Whitwell which made me learn more about Krishnamacharya and Desikachar