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Helena Alves

Location: Niterói, Rio de Janeiro Level: RYT-200
Helena navigated through many ways of moving her body before yoga found her in 2006 while on a student exchange program in Madrid, Spain. At first it felt strange to her body....previously used to speedy and strong (muscle strong) practices, this new way of respectfully approaching her movements was interesting and intense. Curiosity quickly merged to love and devotion. 
After many travels and different teachers, her practice had progressed but there was still a longing for something else; like her heart kept telling her that yoga could evolve into something else in her life, beyond her body.

And then it came Shiva Rea with her organic sequences and ways of moving the body in a much deeper level than just the exterior picture. I had finally found home. Suddenly the feeling for something more was gone and I was left with the delight of experiencing the flow, my Prana Flow®.

It has been an honor to be a student of the Flow® and to be allowed to pass on the the joyfulness of moving as an energetic body, an energetic soul.