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Fe Anguita

Location: Chile Level: 200 IRYT Prana Vinyasa Flow, 700 IRYT Hatha Yoga.

Fe is one of the first prana vinyasa teachers trained in Chile, South America, and he is a native spanish speaker. One of his career goals is travel around the world sharing prana waves rhythm, movement and music, writing about this in his blog with lots of pics that shows unique moments. Also as a life coach, he is working hard to be an inspiration for those who seek enlightenment, happiness and pulse, working from yoga and psychology.

Yoga has been an intense journey towards freedom and live new experiences. That's why he believes that yoga tribes are a living proof of love and kindness. He will always be grateful to be part of the magical community Prana Vinyasa and Samudra.

Fe is also founder of yogaconFe, the itinerant place where he teaches and shares all his yoga experiences: In his studio, some beach or any calming place. It its important to mention that during the present year he already began to travel sharing Prana Vinyasa Flow experiences.

"I had many training programs before, but I would never feel so awake until my first time with Prana Vinyasa Flow. After my training with Juan Gabriel everything was different and I began to feel the movement and love again in my practice, inside and outside the Mat.This is how I want to continue living, feeling myself completely on a permanent vinyasa "