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Rochelle Bartholomew

Location: Monterey, CA Level: RYT 200 Studio(s): Lululemon, Carmel
Rochelle has been a student of yoga from a young age. Raised by hippies in one of the canyons of the Santa Monica mountains (visualize Topanga Canyon in the 1970's, it was pretty much the same scene in Malibu Canyon) exposure to yoga was entirely to be expected. 

Sailing, swimming and wind surfing, she grew up in close contact with the ocean, perhaps the greatest fluid-body teacher of all. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Anthropology, she left LA and the ocean for several years to live in the Pacific Northwest where she met her husband and started a family. Later, while living in the pristine and mountainous landscape of Central Oregon- raising her two wonderful young boys she spent time hiking, skiing and learning to fly. The elemental teachers of earth and sky coming forward in those days.

All along the way she followed different branches of yoga until around 2005 when she found the teacher who to date has been by far the most influential, Shiva Rea. While Shiva has helped Rochelle learn more intimately about all the elements, she was primarily the giver of fire. Through Shiva's teachings, Prana Flow and the experiences with the tribe Rochelle learned how to find her inner fire and is learning how to keep it stoked.

First and foremost a mom to her two boys, Rochelle LOVES teaching Prana Flow and is thrilled to pass what she has learned so far along to her students. For Rochelle being on a yogic path has been at once expansive and centering, exciting and quieting. Allowing her to feel better connected both to herself, to others and loved ones and nature. 

Living near the Pacific again she has recently had the opportunity to go back to the ocean via her new passion for distance stand-up paddle boarding. As we say both in the surfing world and in Shiva Rea parlance...keep up "the stoke!"