Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Anja Brierly Lange

Location: London, UK

I am an eternal Yoga student, a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner.

I am dedicated to a continuous study, practice and teaching of both Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda - the philosophies and the practical application in daily modern living.

My first yoga class was nearly two decades ago. And it felt like coming “home”. I enjoyed moving and stretching my body, getting stronger and more flexible. But most importantly I felt more balanced and peaceful mentally and emotionally.

The first prana yoga immersion with Shiva Rea connected and inspired my roots in flow, yoga, tantra, ayurveda and energy. Since then I have studied Prana Flow Vinyasa with Shiva live and online to complete my 300 hours certification (now a 500 hours teacher). I continue to study and practise in this linage of flow. I also have specialist training in pregnancy and postnatal yoga.

Now sharing my love for self-empowerment and self-love through these sciences is my life - along with a bit of travel, lots of reading, baking, being in nature and with family and friends!

You can find me offering yoga and ayurveda in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training courses. As well as in written articles.

I believe Yoga and Ayurveda is about balance. We can integrate these ancient sciences into our daily modern living as a philosophy and way of life as well as exercise, diet and lifestyle. It’s not about restrictions but about living fully and vibrantly.