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Stephanie Brown-Ford

Location: Hingham, MA Level: 500-RYT Studio(s): Open Doors Yoga Studios, Hanover, MA / Balance Studio, Cohasset, MA (Director of Teacher Training @ Balance Studio)

Stephanie leads her classes with a warm open heart and practical spirituality encouraging her students to practice from within to connect to mind, body and spirit. She sprinkles her classes with “drops of nectar” throughout helping to guide her students to their sacred space while providing a fun relaxed atmosphere where they can practice creative flow. Her style is heavily influenced by Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow. She recently completed the 500 hour certification through Shiva Rea’s teacher training program. Other teachers who have influenced her style include Ganga White, Barbara Benaugh, Seane Corn & Sadie Nardini. Stephanie uses innovative sequences, poignant music, and warm humor to inspire students on and off the mat.