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Ali Bye

Location: Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA Level: 200 RYT
It was not until I discovered “Yoga Shakti” that my eyes widened with newness curiosity. Shiva Rea aroused an awareness of true movement meditation through Prana Shakti. Over the course of my first immersion with her, I stepped into a realm that was beyond simply practicing yoga; it was complete embodiment and living within me. Upon this discovery, I took a sabbatical from teaching to reconnect with my role as a student. 
It was there that I learned to be witness to everything, regardless of how my mind processed the experience. Everything became my teacher. I could still feel and have a spontaneous reaction, but I was armed with the ability to choose to be nonreactive. 

There is much freedom in this practice for me and it is reflected in the way I approach classes and life. I am forever grateful.

My classes are a dynamic blend of traditional and modern movements designed to ignite creativity through a connection between flow and breath. Each sequence centers on the fusion of strength, stamina, flexibility and equanimity, accompanied by rhythmic beats to inspire spontaneous flow and the exploration of movement.