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Allison Duckworth

Location: Salem, OR Level: RYT-500 Studio(s): Hot Yoga for Life in Portland, OR
I can clearly remember 10 years ago when my roommate took me to a free community yoga class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but to this day can recall the experience I had, the pulse I felt, the vibration that was me. I began to cultivate my practice throughout college in Charleston. After graduating, I moved to the Florida Keys where I lived aboard my sailboat with my now husband. I lived a very simple and pure existence, in tune with the surrounding elements. I continued pursing my practice of yoga. Withstanding hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma aboard our boat in the mangroves we decided to seek refuge, sailing North the following summer. We were literally blown back into Charleston, which is where we lived for the following year. During this time I dove deeper into my yoga practice than ever before. I attended my first yoga teacher training of Integral yoga, a very traditional ha-tha yoga. This laid the foundation for my living, practicing and teaching of yoga. As I was exploring various styles of yoga, I truly connected with one teacher in particular who taught Prana Flow® yoga and was an assistant of Shiva Rea. From the deepest place in my heart I am so thankful that my path led me to these teachings. 

The tides turned and it was time to move again, this time to Maryland. It was hard to leave my yogic community and teacher, however life had a new purpose for me. Upon arriving in Maryland I happened upon a Shiva Rea Prana Flow® teacher training. I immediately enrolled in the training and two years later obtained my 500 hr teaching certificate. This transformational experience broadened my understanding of yoga to include the embodiment of yoga, energetic alignment, the Krishnamacharia lineage, ayurveda, and tantra. 

These teachings have been priceless to my evolution as a student and teacher of yoga, as well as all the other books, students, and teachers from which I have learned over the years. I strive to create a fun and comfortable space for students to explore their potential. I have taught all sorts of classes from beginner to advanced. Teaching yoga has been the most rewarding career that I have pursued. I honor all levels in my classes and will guide you to explore and strengthen your body and mind. It is my hope that each student can have an authentic and embodied experience.