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Maria Dummermuth

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA Level: 200 hr-RYT Studio(s): Owner of: Maria Dummermuth - Yoga•Pilates•Singing Bowl Therapy Independent contractor/presenter at multiple studios and locations in Cedar Rapids and surrounding area Yoga Instructor, Heat Yoga, Cedar Rapids, IA Yoga/Pilates Instructor Metamorphosis Pilates, Cedar Rapids, IA Lead Yoga Instructor Workshop Presenter, Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Maria Dummermuth is a yoga & pilates instructor, and singing bowl sound therapy practitioner, from Cedar Rapids, IA. For the past 15 years she has dedicated her education, free-time, and passion to fitness and wellness pursuits. She is a Shiva Rea Prana Flow Vinyasa® yoga instructor, a certified Stott Pilates® instructor, an Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapist and Teacher trainer, and an ART Usui Reiki practitioner. It brings her great joy to share her passion for health and well-being with others, and she hopes to inspire many to live their life to it’s greatest potential.