Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Lilian Durey

Location: France Level: 200hr, 300hr Prana Vinyasa

In 2010, he graduate a master degrees in Sciences of Physical activities. He gains a solid knowledge on teaching to different public, in anatomy, physiology, and biomecanics applied for physical and artistic activities. He trained in Vinysasa Flow in the USA and France (Prana Flow and Liquid Flow) and learned Hatha Yoga one on one since 2011 specializing on metnal states. Simultaneously he conducts a choreogaphy and dancing training in Paris. He trains in Thai Yoga Massage and offers to guide through inner adventure with Yin Yoga, music and meditation.

Setting a kind environment in every forms of transmission, he teaches for retreats or workshops in studios or outdoor landscapes with the intention to help you create your own experience of yoga. He provides an accessible practice yet challenging for long time yogis or athletes and dancers. He searches for intensity in sweetness with the commitment of the whole body in every moments of practice.

His « Yogin Flow » is sensible, fluid, energetic and dynamic. It’s the path to access wellness and equilibrium.
The sequences of movements are ingnited with the center of gravity and tuned with the breathing, all connected to a creative and personalize yoga , stemed from the dancing experience of this instructor.

A regular practice will bring you physical and mental conditioning and will boost your concentration’s potential and emotional management in order to adapt your life philosophy to this natural practice and eventually enter a constant meditation.

Come and create your lifetime yoga practce.