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Anneriek Favelle

Location: Sydney, Australia Level: 200hr Prana Vinyasa Certified Level 3 Senior Registered Teacher Nearly 20 years dedicated personal practice, 18 years (over 10000 hours) of teaching experience 3 year Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga apprenticeship (1000+ hours) by Angelika Knorzer (North Sydney Yoga) 100 hour Level 2 Yin Yoga Teacher training by Mysan Sidbo (Qi Yoga) 300+ hour International Advanced Teacher Training by Mark Stephens (Santa Cruz Yoga, CA - (Author of Teaching Yoga and Yoga Sequencing)

For me, yoga is not about touching your toes or being able to do a handstand, it is about overcoming your fear, your self doubt, it’s about creating space were you feel stuck, about being kind and revealing your heart, it’s about believing in yourself.

Through the movement with your breath in your yoga practice you can learn to feel more at peace within yourself, you can become aware of all the thoughts that float through you, continuously, and become less attached to them. With awareness comes acceptance and the possibility for change.

I am passionate to share my joy for yoga. Sharing knowledge to help create healthy bodies and peaceful minds, to help find a 'lightness' in living. I believe we create a better world when we can breathe, trust and let go…

My teachings are full of encouragement and without judgement. Students are inspired to find their own practice, their own edge, and their own joy on the mat. I like to use the yoga practice to create mindfulness and to learn to let go of attachment to our thoughts.