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Laurence Gay

Location: Marseille, France
In 1995 I graduated in International Marketing in France. From 1996 until 2001 I was based out of Dublin, Ireland, where I was working as a marketing executive for North American and Irish companies. There I started practicing ashtanga yoga. In 2002, my dad passed away, I had to make a decision : where is home? I decided to move back to France. Something had shifted in me though, the question was still there : where do I belong? I realized that the corporate world was not the place where I could make a difference in people’s lives. An opportunity arose. When I returned to paris, a yoga studio manager came to me and offered to train me to become an ashtanga instructor. I said yes. the shift was happening. I have been teaching yoga since then. Another shift happened when prana flow yoga crossed my path. It was in 2007. A stranger, who has become a friend since then, came to one of my yoga classes and after the class had a chat with me. She said that I should have a look at Shiva Rea’s web site and check out her DVDs because I would certainly feel in sync with Shiva’s teaching. And yes indeed, Shiva and her teaching resonated deep within me. I have been living the tremor since then. I am deeply honoured to be a certified prana flow teacher and share the outstanding transformative and intelligent practice that Shiva offers us.