Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Donna Gerrard

Location: London, England

Donna was introduced to yoga through Lynn Marshall’s ‘Wake Up to Yoga’ TV programs as a child and teenager, and after a childhood filled with dance and performance, and a professional career in software consultancy, Donna rediscovered yoga as way to integrate the demands of a career with motherhood. She embarked on a teacher training course in an Iyengar-inspired style when her children were very small and has been teaching for over 10 years now. In 2010 she began on the path of study and teacher training with Shiva Rea’s evolutionary Samudra Yoga school. Donna is committed to transforming women's birthing experiences and is a trained doula (birthing assistant) which informs her blissful 'Radiant Goddess' Pre and Post Natal Yoga classes. She has also spent many years teaching fun ‘Rainbow Kids Yoga’ to children of primary school age, and one year training with an international life coaching o rganisation. Donna is passionate about supporting her students on the path of self-transformation through living yoga and authenticity.