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Ashley Halley

Location: Tampa, FL
Ashley began her yoga practice over 12 years ago, as a way to enhance and diversify the physical aspects of a “work out”. She’s trained with masters such as Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell, Micheline Berry, and Annie Carpenter. After years of various forms of movement, her focus changed from an external corporeal workout to an integrated core strength that extends beyond the physical body. An evolution took place from “workout” to an overall practice with dedication and discipline based upon yogic movements and philosophy.

Ashley’s style and encouragement create a safe space for practitioners to be guided by flow and experience the breath as an inspiration and extension of their movements.
Her enthusiasm demonstrates a willingness to guide others toward achieving a sense of joy and dedication to their practice. Ultimately what Ashley strives for in all her classes is to create a dynamic, colorful journey combining various elements of poetry, music and human behavior. Creative methods are used to encourage confidence, power, grace and nurturing for students of all ages and abilities to help them embrace their authentic practice.
Having a degree in psychology and a successful career as a life-stylist, Ashley is inspired to teach and share real life experiences on and off the mat.
Forever an eager and adventuresome student, she travels the world seeking out influential teachers and experiences that continue her limitless path.

“Be the architect of your body. Allow your soul to be the choreographer.”
“Your body is an instrument the soul is trying to play.”