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Kimberly Hobbs

Location: Huntington Beach Level: 200HR RYT
Hailing from a life of nomadic bliss, Kim began her yoga journey 15 years ago when a friend introduced her to a Bikram class. An ex-colligiate athlete with Type-A tendencies, she was drawn to the physicalness of the asanas. Moving multiple time across the country allowed for an exploration of different lineages. Spending time studying Sivananda, Ashtanga and Anusara, as well as taking opportunities to practice with a plethora of various instructors, Kim was able to deepen her own experiences on and off the mat.

Arriving back to the West Coast and ready to deepen her practice, she caught the Prana Vinyasa® wave with Shiva Rea in Venice and completed her 200 TT. She continues to draw on the inspiring transmissions from multiple teachers and embodies the belief that we are all on an evolving journey of the soul and with each step, working to deepen the conversation with the Divine. Do all things while bowing to the feet of Love. Aarohee = Evolving