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Katerina Karavageli

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece Level: RYT-200 with Konstantina Maridaki

Katerina Karavageli is a Prana Vinyasa Yoga Instructor 200h. From a very early age, she was fascinated by movement and mythology. For Katerina, dance can explore the spiritual and emotional essence of human beings and mythology can be a first touch with the archetypes and their qualities. “I find myself inside the archetype of the goddess Artemis: the Seeker and I dance because I can say what my voice hides within my body”. She attended a number of dance classes from classical ballet to argentine tango and when she was 18, she decided to study History and Archaeology.

A mystical path led her to her first yoga class in 2013, where she fell in love with this healing art. Hridaya, the spiritual heart, had already spoken. “May be that was the moment I felt aligned to my svadharma, my true nature”. Feeling empowered through yoga, she decided to follow the art of teaching in order to empower others embrace their unique gifts. In 2017, she came in contact with Prana Vinyasa Flow, an evolutionary system of yoga by Shiva Rea and completed the Affiliate Prana Vinyasa® Teacher Training (200h). In 2019, she continued with the Elemental Prana Vinyasa Module Teacher Training – Embodying the flow of nature (60 hours) deepening even more her journey in yoga.

Katerina’s yoga classes are characterized by fluidity and pulsation. Through dancing and creative sequencing, students are encouraged to experience the state of united consciousness and connect to the beating heart. Every class is a ritual sadhana and a breath inspired journey. A sacred journey back to your heart.

“I envision a world where everybody moves in their unique rhythmic pulse, breathes freely and sings their personal melody, exactly as they have dreamt it.”


Facebook page: Yoga Muse Katerina


Instagram: yogaflow_katerina