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Heidi Köhler

Location: Leipzig Level: 200h Affiliate Prana Vinyasa RYS Studio(s): International

Heidi has always been searching for a deeper connection, to find peace that is growing out of an inner state of being. Different yoga styles were crossing her path, until she found Prana Vinyasa ® Yoga in 2012. Since then Yoga has become an indispensable part of her life, as she experienced a state of inner peace, that was life changing.

Studying various bodywork techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine origin, brought her even further to a fundamental understanding of that we’re all nestled in mother nature’s rhythm.

After finishing her 200h Prana Vinyasa ® Teacher Training in 2016, she was diving into her own style, that is calm, creative and powerful. Her way to teach leads her students to a healthy body awareness that makes them experience an inner state of flow and balance by reconnecting to their breath. This way, she’s opening up spaces for that deeper connection to make you feel that all you need is just inside yourself.