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Esmeralda Lamas

Location: Mexico City / Buenos Aires Level: E-RYT 200

Esmeralda was born in Mexico City. She graduated from "Sistema Nacional de Danza" (INBA) as Contemporary Dancer in 1992. As from her graduation, she devoted her life and career as a professional dancer in different TV programmes and different international singers' tours. Esmeralda's passion for Yoga started 4 years ago with Shiva Rea's teachings. At that time she "fell in love with Prana Flow®" She encountered a new passion, and she did't get the harmony and balance needed from dancing, so she decided to twist her path and follow her passion as a Yoga teacher. She says: "dancing is interpreting, that's why I love Prana Flow®. We continuously dance with the elements of the cosmos. We dance with the Universe". Her teachings are focused on an immense compassion and respect for her students.She makes them aware and guide them in the path of gratitude, compassion, emotional expansion of their hearts, prana shakti (vital force), physical alignment, guiding their deepest feelings to be aware of their real essence which leads them to a spiritual practice. She is honored to be part of the Prana Flow® tribe and Samudra School of Living Vinyasa and she is very gratified and feels blessed by the teachings of her teacher Shiva Rea. She felt fully blessed by travelling to India to attend a Kalari teacher training where she learnt the real meaning of compassion, generosity, discipline and respect for daily practice.