Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Laura Hand

Location: Austin, TX Level: 500 Hr

The Short Story
I went to my first yoga class more than 10 years ago seeking solace from a stressful engineering job. Many breaths and years later, my focus has shifted to learning, living and loving the practice of yoga. The more I scratch the surface, the more this practice lays out before me as I discover it is so much more than shapes.

The Long Story
I am a travel enthusiast, student of life, and above all else, a believer in love. In all forms, in all ways, love is at the heart of healing. It is the message that breathes life into every teaching and yet it is unassuming its simplicity. It was a great love that initially led me to yoga several years ago and it was a committed personal practice sparked inside me a desire to serve. Now, I am blessed to be a teacher, though I consider myself a student first, always. Sharing this practice has brought so much joy into my world and I feel completely privileged to connect with human heartbeats on a regular basis.

Through creative and thoughtful sequencing, I encourage practitioners to explore their unique breath and find space in the movement for stillness. I believe that a physically challenging practice can teach us so much about ourselves and I take great care in providing the container for people to explore their intuitive edges. However, my ultimate goal in offering the practice is to elevate on a cellular level, stirring up creative energy that ripples long after the asana practice. It is this residual vibration that has kept me coming back again and again and I feel a sacred responsibility as I share it with others.

I believe we can find sanctuary inside the four corners of a mat or any place where we choose to drop into the state of yoga – the union of mind, body and heart. Yoga is about self-observation, self-study, and self-awakening. Something I learned very early on is, teaching yoga has nothing to do with me. It’s all about giving people a place and a practice where they can go inside, excavate through physical embodiment anything needing attention and eventually experience more freedom.

I am immensely grateful for so many teachers I have learned from on this path, primarily from the Krishnamacharya lineage and drawing from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Tantra and Somatics. Bows and blessings to Shiva Rea for being a light and revealing to me so much more than I ever thought possible!