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Roberto Lim

Location: Boston, MA
Roberto is a lover of life and a devotee of the one Great Flow. He is a student and teacher of Prana Flow® yoga because it deeply resonates within him through its synthesis of the breath and movement, its roots in the arts and traditions of yoga, Bhakti, Tantra and Ayurveda, and its incorporation of other forms of movement and music to facilitate the great evolutionary process of yoga.

Roberto is deeply grateful to Shiva who is a constant source of inspiration and taught him to "follow the path of the Radiant Life Force," and to his other teacher Paul Muller Ortega with whom he studies the non-dual Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism. Paul is the founder of Blue Throat Yoga, which teaches the elegant Svatantra philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism along with the practice of Neelakantha Meditation.

"I believe that you can learn something from everyone as long as you are open. Love is universal. And the beauty of yoga lies in the experience of transcending one's limited view of self, in the unification of the mind, body, and spirit, and in connection with the Great Consciousness."

In addition to yoga, Roberto's other callings are the environment, working as an environmental scientist at the Boston office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and designer with Five Faces, a Montreal-based lifestyle clothing and accessories company he founded with Lucy Riddell.