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Geneviève Maurais

Location: Thetford Mines (Québec) Level: 300HR RYT Studio(s): Expérience Yoga Vinyasa
From the city of Thetford Mines (North-east  of Québec, Canada), Geneviève 
is passionated for the discipline of Yoga but to discover this discipline, she had to go through a very hard and special way...

Since very young she has tried many sports : 
gymnastics, autodefence, soccer, rollerblade, swimming, running, spinning...nothing was giving
her a satisfaction in her mind and body. This re-unification, she found it in her yoga practices.

In 2005, a problem occured in her left shoulder and unfortunately stopped her for 3 years in every
sportive activity. 
A surgery was an ultimate solution for many doctors. So, a friend of her told her to try Prana Flow Yoga because this special technique is known for adapted postures, so she decided to try
this for the first time in her life. She immediately felt an evolution was happening and she cancelled the surgery.
At the beginning, her condition was as bad as not being able to do all asanas with arms supporting the body like
plankasana, urdva muka svanasana, adho muka svanasana...

It took her 3 to 4 years to heal completely her shoulder with a regular practice, until she sarted the teacher training program of 
Prana Flow in Québec with Véronique Dumont (2012). One year after, she decided to go to Mysore (India) 
to complete an other teacher training program 200h (Ashtanga)
And she is now 300hrs certified in Prana Flow, and she's continuing on her way to get to 500hrs.