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Bethany Orheim

Location: San Diego, CA Studio(s): OB Namaste + Yoga One San Diego
Bethany's yoga sadhana is inspired by her love of surfing, dancing, and the rhythmic pulsation of the flow within. Bethany is deeply honored to serve as one of Shiva Rea's assistants and mentors in the Prana Flow® Tribe.

Bethany brings incredible love, passion, and healing energy into every class. She gracefully invites her students to treat each asana as a mudra, and to find balance between intense strength and complete surrender, while remaining open to the limitless possibilities of prana flow within the mind and body. Bethany honors the teachings of Prana by allowing the intelligence of breath to intuitively guide the movements of the body. Rather than focussing on outward performance or appearance, when we open to pure consciousness, the creative energy flows through us in the most natural way. When we embody the flow, we relearn our instinctual nature and reconnect with the source...