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Natasja Payne

Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Level: 200 Hour Certified Studio(s): Owner/Founder of Fusionmovement Yoga Studio in Cambridge, ON

My whole life I have been surrounded by yoga, dance and free form expressive movement. My mother taught dance & yoga for many years in the house where I grew up. My first passion & love was dance. At a very young age I began to take ballet classes which eventually led me to be accepted at the age of 16 in one of the most well known Modern Dance Academy in the world, CODARTS in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. For four intensive years I studied various styles of Modern dance( Graham, Cunningham, Limone), World Dance and Jazz. I was very fortunate to have enjoyed an active career in the Performing Arts and it wasn't until after the birth of my first child in 1998 that I became more drawn to the Yoga practice. 

In 2002 I lost my little sister, Danielle 31, in a horrific car accident. The loss of my sister changed my life! I was now on the quest for TRUTH! So many WHY'S and no answers. Today I see my sister's death as a Blessing because I would not be the person who I am today, I would never have had the courage to open up a Yoga studio and I would never have purchased Shiva Rea's Fluid Power DVD. I was tremendously inspired by Shiva's way of teaching and embodying yoga, it felt so natural and at home in my own body. In 2009 I quit my fitness job and immersed myself completely into the yoga practice and within 4 months I had opened up a Yoga studio and completed 3 training modules with Shiva. I feel extremely blessed to be on the Yoga path and to be able to share my passion for yoga and full expressive body movements with my students.I look forward to continue my studies with Shiva Rea and to continue my own evolution on this Yogic Path. 


Natasja Payne