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Mary-Anne Poulsen

Location: Auckland New Zealand / International Level: RYT500 Studio(s): Devine Yoga Waiheke Island / Yoga Tech Parnell
Completing 300 hours of teacher training with Shiva Rea Samudra Global School for Living Yoga has been deeply transformative for me, revealing greater emotional, spiritual and physical freedom. I am honoured to be a student of Prana Flow Vinyasa and eternally grateful to my teacher and mentor Shiva Rea.

Yoga nurtures an infinite space to grow, learn and experience your true inner self. Yoga opens you to the possibility that we can be fully responsible for the transformation of our own health, well-being and evolution. To be aligned with nature and in tune with the flowing rhythms of our world.

Through practice awareness of our embodiment deepens to become a guiding force in our lives. We experience being in the flow, awakening Prana, the flow of energy through the body; the flow of breath in sync with the movement of our body, and the meditative states that arise from practicing. 

My dedication as a teacher is to share the wonder of yoga, to serve, to help others to open up to the wonder of themselves and to their lives through the practice of yoga.