Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Julia Rathjens

Location: Hamburg, Germany Level: 500hr RYT Studio(s): Flying Yogi

“Use the postures to get into the body. Do not use your body to get into the postures.” (Bernie Clark). That’s one of Julia’s favourite yogic quotes and it describes her approach to teaching just perfectly. Although she loves advanced asanas and crazy open flows, it’s always important to be ok with where you are at every given moment. So to create a space in her class where everyone can experience themselves without judgement and to guide people on their own personal journey is her main goal in teaching.

Julia is wildly in touch with her inner child and has a sweet and humorous way of guiding her students. As a graphic designer in an advertising company she knows how stressful the regular job and to do lists can be. In order to create a balance, for her it's important to let go of perfectionism in yoga, leave your ego at the door and find as much joy and fulfilling on the mat as possible.

She took her first teacher training in 2011 and came across Shiva's teachings two years later in 2013. For her it felt like a revelation to be finally allowed and encouraged to move in and through asanas, free the warrior and let yoga really come alive.

Since 2015 she is also a spiritual healer and likes to include these subjects into her classes. For all we know, yoga is an art to bring balance to your body, mind and soul and therefore spiritual healing just fits right in.

You can find her teaching mainly in Hamburg (Germany) where she leads workshops, teacher trainings as well as her regular classes.