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Mary Reid

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Level: RYT 200hr Studio(s): Mary Reid Yoga
Mary first started practicing yoga as a teenager along with a video called Yoga: Mind and Body. Having grown up a dancer, she was captivated by this new form of movement, and found a calmness of mind, an ease in her body, and an overall sense of happiness that was new and empowering. 

As an adult, Mary returned to the mat as a way to stay physically active and healthy as a graduate student. What she discovered over years of regular practice throughout her MA and PhD programs was that, along with its physical and mental benefits, yoga enabled her to be her natural self in the world - happy, relaxed, and friendly.  

Mary began training with her core teachers, Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffmann and Aaron Reed at Exhale Venice in 2009, earning her Prana Flow® teaching certification in 2012. Mary continues to expand her learning in her home practice and in regular trips to Venice Beach to study with her teachers. 

An enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, Mary brings a bright, calm energy and a spirit of lightness, humor, and ease to her teaching, creating a fun, safe, and an inspiring environment for students to evolve within the practice.