Prana Flow Teacher Directory


Stefanie Rukavina

Location: Ulm, Germany Level: 200 hr with Christine May


I am interested in understanding and integrating the knowledge of the body with its own motivation and emotions. That is why I developed the urge to take part in a teacher training with Christine May in 2016 after my PhD in biology and emotion research. I have been practicing Yoga since the beginning of my (academic) studies in 2009, lost my Yoga praxis for several years and fell back in love again 5 years ago. There is more than academic science, there is a science between your own body and mind. Your own beliefs, patterns and expectations. There is the urge to live satisfied, to feel well and to help others grow. “There is this “thing” after yoga, when you feel totally complete”.

In Prana Flow I discovered this feeling of being totally me, feeling me, allowing me to grow, be kind with me and others and to induce this state of unity.

I have been teaching with all my heart and knowledge since my teacher training in 2016. I was allowed to dive deeper into the elements with Christine´s immersion of the Elemental and the Chakra Vinyasa in 2017. These immersions confirmed once again how beautiful Prana Flow is, how this type of vinyasa enables you to grow and transform internally and externally.
I am teaching Prana Flow in Ulm in several courses and private sessions. I would love to get to know you and help you to find your true inner peace and state of flow.