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Christine Sang

Location: New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA Level: RYT 200
Christine Sang incorporates Prana Flow® as a professional Animal Communicator and Creative-Theater Artist. 
Christine spent many years as a dancer, sharing the mystery of non-verbal communication with audiences as diverse as 3000 people in Spain to Neil Young’s cows in California. After an international dance and directing career, she now shares Yoga’s beautiful wisdom with undergraduates as a teacher of movement and theater at Fordham University-Lincoln Center, NYC, and as a coach with private clients in NYC and Los Angeles.
Christine also partners with animals and humans to transform their relationships thru energy and intuition, in-person and long-distance. Her Prana Flow® practice influences her communications, in which she bridges All-Species communication for animals and their humans, and specializes in animals who are transitioning or have passed over. Additionally, she holds certifications in Kundalini Reiki, and energy work.
Christine’s evolution currently involves speaking and writing on our inspired relationships with our earth and its’ inhabitants. Christine completed her Prana Flow® Instructor 200 hour Certification in 2012, with deeply-beloved Shiva Rea, in Venice, CA.
“Christine is a master of body->breath->energy->power->performance and personal expression. Her ability to gently guide a group yet individually inspire each artist is a gift. A gift to any artist, her confident, careful teaching will add value to any creative practice.”  “Christine has so much respect and love for animals as beautiful, wise and full beings that it makes the communication she brings very real, alive. It’s like a window opened.”  – thoughts from clients