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Sylvia Schuster

Location: Augsburg Level: 500-RYT Studio(s): Yogapunkt in Augsburg
My first contact with yoga was when I was a little child observing curiously my mother practicing yoga in our living room in the early eighties. As a child doing all these strange movements it was just fun but later I realized that there was much more behind to discover. Therefore I asked an Indian Master for initiation and practiced meditation for many years. But for me a physical aspect was missing and as I was always interested in Ayurveda I attended a training as Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner at Seva Academy Munich. But there was still something missing and so I decided to attend my first yoga teacher training with Christine May, a Prana Flow teacher who is allowed to teach Shivas modules, just to dive in deeper into the yoga movements and the philosophy behind the practice on the mat. I was immediately fascinated by the flow form of yoga and was blessed to meet Shiva on a retreat in Greece. I felt as I had coming home and applied for the 300 hrs Prana Flow teacher training which I completed in 2013.

As I am so grateful for everything I was allowed to discover on my journey so far and I really wish to guide my students to feel the inner and outer vibration and to connect to the source.

The deeper I dive in the "secrets" of the yogic path the more I realize that it is livelong learning process and development. I am very thankful to be on this path!

I know that I am only curious and am happy that the journey has only started and that, the vibration in life, the Vibration within yourself, the freedom in movements and mind and the whole community.