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Nele Van Poucke

Location: Mechelen - Belgium Level: 500 RYT
If you’ve had asked her years ago what her passion in life was, the answer would have been shoes and chocolate. Ask that exact question now and without hesitation the answer is Yoga. Nele was educated to be an artist, a painter. That evolved to working in advertising and running from one deadline to another. 

Looking for a way to relax she discovered yoga in a crowded gym. Because yoga made her calm, friendly and happy, she was instantly hooked. Teaching happened accidentally when her teacher needed someone to sub one of her classes. Nele did her training with Shiva Rea in L.A. (Prana flow yoga) and makes it an annual tradition to go back to train with Shiva and indulge in the Californian way of life. Since 2011 Nele has had the priviledge to assist her Mahateacher Shiva on retreats in India, Mexico, London, Costa Rica and Santorini (Greece). Since 2012 she opened her own yogastudio Yogaflow in Mechelen

Her classes are powerful yet calming. With Nele you explore your edge – flexibility, strength and endurance – in a playful way. The timbre of her voice gets you out of your thoughts and tempts you in a soft and meditative way. Her love for yoga is obvious in her classes, where passion, joy and flow invite you to discover your own yogic journey.