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Claudia von Bueren

Location: Biel/Nidau - Switzerland Level: 500 RYT

Since her early teens, Claudia sees herself as "keeperess of the flame“ ...
Her interest in the understanding of Love, Light & Life, guides her on the path to deepen and live consciousness in all-that-is.

She sees Nature as the big healer, and whenever possible, she moves, dances, runs and meditates in nature, in the forests, under the stars, flows in ocean with surfing,...

First introduced to Twee, then Meeting Shiva, getting in touch with Prana Flow® Yoga was like finding a matching piece, unifying her inner universe with conscious and vivid expression outside in this creative joyful flow. The „feeling of coming home“ was healing, and the deep inspiration by these radiant women – invited her to become even more, a devotee to the spark - to the godess within – Prana Shakti.

Claudia supports people in finding their true Self and dance the eternal threefold flame – LoveLightLife – in which we are all One.