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James Warren

Location: Boston, MA & Southern NH Level: 200RYT
My sister took me to first Yoga class in 2001, and although it was peaceful, and sweet, I wasn’t ready to dive into it at that time. I practiced Yoga on and off for the next 7 years. After a serious illness, I vowed to treat my body like a divine temple, started Tae Kwon Do in 2005, and became a 1st Dan Black Belt in 2008. That same year, I also discovered Bikram Heated Yoga which fired me up to practice yoga more regularly. 

I did my first Yoga Training/Intensive in 2010 with the Yoga Slackers (the most extreme and fun yogis you will ever meet) who teach Vinyasa Yoga, Slackline Yoga, and Acro Yoga. During the training, hearing the words “heart open” and “surrender” over and over, I suddenly knew in my Body, Mind, and Heart that Yoga was not only the sport for me, but my life’s passion. 

My new found passion for Yoga led me to Power Yoga and Ashtanga in 2011, training with Yoga Luminaries Baron Baptiste, David Swenson, and Rolf Gates, and also Cameron Shayne an amazing teacher bridging the gap between Mixed Martial Arts & Yoga. I also completed my 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do that year which complimented the Warrior Side of my path. I met Shiva Rea at Yoga Trance Dance training that summer in Kripalu and over her New Year’s Pranification Yoga retreat in Costa Rica, I found her teaching and energy embodiment life altering. I learned how to be connected to my inner source, balancing my Yang (solar) and Yin (lunar) energy, while being present to the field of unified consciousness. In 2012, I completed 200 hour Prana Flow Yoga training with Shiva, learning how to embody the flow, to have fluidity with power, and to integrate the energy of the Chakras and the elements into Yoga. 

I give back the many blessings I have received from the practice, as a volunteer yoga teacher with Yoga Caps, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that builds community and wellness by making Yoga more available and affordable. As the DJ for Memorable Musical Moments, I spin well-curated playlists and tunes at yoga classes, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, trance dances, and celebrations of all kinds. I invite you to join me in experiencing the balance between the Graceful Dancer and the Powerful Warrior “on and off the mat”.

James Warren
200hr Certified Prana Flow Yoga Instructor
Nashua, New Hampshire & Lincoln, MA