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Bernardita Yáñez

Location: Chile Level: 200 Hour Prana Vinyasa Flow / AeroYoga Teacher Chile

Bernardita, was born in the South Center of Chile, South America. She discovered the practice of Yoga 10 years ago, but it was not until a year ago, that she understood her true path, and that, with Yoga, she could complement her Psychology career to contribute to her own personal development, that of students and patients. .

Currently, she practices in the Maule region, as a psychologist of the organizations and Yoga Teacher, complementing both careers and her learning path in Meditation and Buddhist Philosophy, where one of her main goals is to decentralize Yoga and touch, through of constant movement and emotion, the hearts of your tribe, people, communities and also companies, through wellbeing workshops.
She declares herself in love with life, reborn through Yoga, and thanking each experience for the learning that it generates. She loves dance, traveling and, above all, nature, which is why she appreciates the process of formation and training with Juan Gabriel in Chile, beyond physical practice, especially because Prana Vinyasa was and continues to be a constant feeling that has allowed her to feel in communion with everything that surrounds her, in perfect harmony and flow.
She is today, part of the first generation of Prana Vinyasa teachers trained in her country, teaches in workshops to companies, mass events and private classes, in constant interaction, learning and feedback with the tribe of teachers of their country, Felipe, Laurent and Catalina, and with Juan Gabriel, from Belgium.