Prana Flow Code of Respect

In respect to the power of the circle that can live, breathe and thrive from basic respect and generosity, the Prana Flow Code of Respect emerged as a tool for creating greater connection, continuity and clarity for the transmission of a Prana Flow class, workshop, teacher training, retreat and beyond. As a practitioner, a teacher and as a synthesis community we respect the teachings of yoga and all traditions.Prana Flow is growing around the world from the seeds of community that we are. Each one of you plays a part in the unfolding. Our hearts give us guidance.

When there is good intention and integrity in action, then the unfolding of the vinyasa is an incredible manifestation of flow, of the nature of the intelligence of the life-force. Thesimple vision has always been for a Prana Flow –Energetic Vinyasa practice to have roots, pathways and open spaces for people of all backgrounds to embody the flow of their life-intelligence

We honor the guidelines for integrity and respect that are shared in the world’s spiritual traditions and in yoga as the yamas and niyamas life priniciples of cultivating life-energy and respect.These yamas (living principles) that guide us in the basics of respecting life and each other are:

* Ahimsa –Caring for Life; Non-harming * Asetya –Respect for the Source, Non-appropriation * Satya –Honoring the truth, integrity in speech and action * Brahmacharya –Honoring Sexual Energy * Aparigraha –Healthy Boundaries, Honoring process, Non-grasping and non-greediness

The niyamas (internal principles) guide us in honoring and caring for our life energy and the Source:

* Saucha –Respect and caring for inner and outer sacred space usually translated as “cleanliness” * Santosha –Inner contentment that brings peace to the heart in the process of unfolding with natural rhythms * Tapas –Inner and outer firekeeping, unwavering devotion, staying with a transformative process till complete, steadiness of awareness * Svadyaya –connection and observation of the “sva” essence of the self, reflection and study of sacred texts

* Isvara-pranidana –offering (pranidana) everything, thoughts, speech, action in every aspects of life to your experience of the Source (isvara)

We feel within our own heart the heart connection, inner intelligence and personal integrity that arise naturally from respect of personal and collective embodiment within and in our life.


Shiva Rea

Samudra Global School of Living Yoga






Prana Vinyasa Diversity + Inclusivity Statement

We support people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, body types, disabilities and sexual orientations on their yoga journey.

Prana Vinyasa continues to strive towards inclusivity in yoga by exploring:

● Inclusivity and compassion in our language and cueing

● Ways to be more inclusive and not alienate students or teachers

● Opportunities for teachers to self reflect on their hidden biases, intentions as a teacher, and actions in front of a class.

● Ways to reach out to underserved populations after doing our own deep reflection and intention setting before entering communities we want to serve.

Prana Vinyasa does NOT support the following:

● Racism.

● Bigotry against any person or group regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, body type, disability, and sexual orientation.

● Body Shaming

● Bullying, micro-aggresions or singling out any one person or group based on race, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, body type, disability and sexual orientation

● Attempts at outing people based on their sexual orientation

● Cultural appropriation for fun or entertainment purposes

Due to the current climate in the world, if such incidents are reported, we will review them on a case by case basis with recommendations for future action.

Gratitude for comments and ideas by Robyn Donaldson, Prana Vinyasa Teacher, Lawyer and Diversity-Inclusivity Activist.