Be a light unto yourself. If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.
Happiness never decreases by being shared. – the last teachings of the Buddha as he was dying

move the way love moves
find passion within compassion


Never has there been a more potent time to rise and find effective, creative, courageous ways to put love into action. A turning point for me happened when I left home at 17 to do volunteer work in village development, living in natural rhythm in an earthen hut deep in the bush under Mt. Kenya. When I almost died from Malaria, I had a mystic experience that opened my heart to the preciousness of life and the vital resources of nature.

Returning back home, I became dedicated to the power of our natural intelligence within the body, the power of movement to be a movement and for community to come together. I left an academic path, became a yoga teacher and mother, and started to travel the world activating individuals, circles, and communities. Over 25 years later, from the inspiration of mentor and teacher, Andrew Harvey, we are dedicated to sacred activism – making change with sustainable passion.

Please join us in our people to people, 100% direct seva (there are never any administration fees take out for our projects) projects, community FUNdraising and yoga energy activism campaigns. We always support positive change in the world so send us info on your seva projects and we can share in our PULSE newsletter.