Interviews & Articles

Mantra Magazine

The Radical Act of Embodying Our Energetic Heart
Shiva Rea on Yoga After Forty
Five Steps to a Water-Conserving, Ojas-Building Lifestyle
Shiva Rea: Health Tips, Love and Loss
Melting Into Motion: Movement Meditation
Shiva Rea: Tending the Fire
Body Mudra: Awakening Our Instinctual Body
Doing Nothing to do Something
Poem: All of Me is Alive
Tending the Heart Fire

Origin Magazine

The Practice of Surrender
Interview: Why Do You Do What You Do?
Free Your Sacred Belly
Our Rhythmic Nature
Tending the Heart Fire
You Were Wild Once

Yoga Journal

Viva Shiva
The Practice of Surrender
Meet in the Middle: Anjali Mudra
Find Full-Body Joy in Downward-Facing Dog Pose
Find Your Seat of Power: Chair Pose
Come to Your Senses
The Divine Dance
Q&A: What's So Sacred About the Number 108?
Q&A: How Can I Strengthen My Core to Ease Back Pain?
Q&A: How Can I Ease Performance Anxiety?
Freedom at the Edge
Can Yogis Make a Difference in DC?
Chant for Change: An Inaugural Kirtan Festival
Planted Planet
Radiant Heart Yoga Review
10 Affirmations for Extra-Empowered Asanas
Global Yoga Event Celebrates Peace
Soothing Moon Shine: Chandra Namaskar
Yogis: Take Action on Earth Day
A Higher Hum: "So Hum" Breath + Mantra Meditation
A Woman's Guide to Mula Bandha
Shiva Rea's Inner Smile Meditation for Happiness
Drops of Nectar: Yoga Relaxation for Rejuvenation and Healing with Shiva Rea
Shiva Rea's Twisting + Soaring Visvamitra's Pose
Watch Shiva Rea's Moon Salutation
10 Body Mudras to Celebrate Earth Day with Shiva Rea

LA Yoga Magazine

YEA! Yoga Energy Activism
Kalari Shakti: The Flowing Art of Kalarippayatu
Sitting Down with Shiva Rea


Yoga + Chakras
What to Eat Before a Long Day of Yoga
Yoga and Earth Day
The Healing Power and History of Movement
Tending the Heart Fire on the Winter Solstice

Kripalu Center for Yoga

Going with the Flow
The Call Within

Prana Journal

Prana Journal

Washington Post

Nutrition Q&A

SoundsTrue Podcast: Insights at the Edge

Tending the Heart Fire
Riding the Waves
Following the Pulse of Consciousness
Following the Pulse of Consciousness – 2

Devi Wears Prana Blog

Tantra Yoga


Tumblr Tags

Yoga Energy Activism


Embodying the Flow: Teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Video Interviews

Global Yoga Guide

Yoga Journal: Moon Shine with Shiva Rea: Yoga at Home
My Virtual Yoga Interview
Prana Flow Teacher Training by Akira Chan
Free Yoga Class with Shiva Rea: Surya Shakti: Morning Meditation & Prana Flow (Live at Wanderlust)
*posted by Wanderlust and by My Yoga on Gaiam TV

prAna TT video: Shiva Rea: The Art of Yoga
Yoga Moves 10 Year Party – Shiva Rea
Prairie Yogi at Wanderlust: Shiva Rea Talks Vinyasa
Santorini Teacher Training
Santorini Teacher Training Part 2
Titans of Yoga Movie Premiere Interview
Shiva at Wanderlust, interview with prAna
Yoga Journal LIVE!
Surya Namaskar with Solar Bija Mantras in Utrecht
Shakti Express ~ Sunday Morning Revival Yoga Class with Flow Yoga Center in DC
Yoga Trance Dance & Soul Kirtan with C.C. White
Workshop in Tampa Florida with Yum Yum Drums
Shiva Rea Visits Frederick MD
Semperviva Yoga Workshop
Dynamic Session with Shiva Rea ~ What REALLY goes on at BHAKTI FEST – 2010
Shiva Rea NYC YJ Conference 2011
Pranafy Yourself! – Jenay Martin Kripalu May 2009
Check at Bali Spirit Festival with Shiva Rea 2010
Yoga on the Mall 2010
Shiva Rea at YogaGlo
2010 Shiva Rea at the Fillmore
Bhakti Fest 2010 – Shiva Rea . . . the Shiva Tribe
Daniel Odier and Shiva Rea: Tandava and Prana Flow in Utrecht
Shiva Rea & Christopher Tompkins at Exhale

Movement & Flow Expert

TEDxMalibu – The Power of Embodying Your Energetic Heart
Smita Joshi Interview: Aligning Heart & Mind
Yogin' It Interview
Woodstock to Wanderlust Speakeasy with Dr. Ronald Alexander & Shiva Rea
prAna Interivew: The Power of Rhythm
Insights at the Edge Podcast with Tami Simon & SoundsTrue
Interview at Wanderlust: Personal Practice, Parenting & The Energetic Heart ~ interview with Meredith Sasseen
prAna ~ Breath Series, Episode 1
Emergence Interview with Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
Shiva Rea Kalari by Esmeralda Lamas
Shiva Rea Practicing Kalari at Kripalu 2010 (with Sathya's instruction)
Interview with Sonia Doubell – London, Summer Solstice 2011 Sadhana
Kalarippayat initiation – CVN Kalari by Nicky Poole
Gaiam Interview – Shiva Rea on the Cha Cha Cha of Life
Incredible India Interview
ExperienceLife Magazine – Behind the Scenes with Shiva Rea
Puttara Vandanam
Gaiam Interview: Shiva Rea's Unexpectedly Spiritual Moment

Energy Activist

Yoga Energy Activism Speakeasy at Wanderlust
Juil Sandals & Natural Energy
Richway BioMat Testimonial
The Yoga Day Summit ~ Shift Network Message
Shiva Rea on Sacred Sound with Ina Sahaja at Wanderlust CO 2013
Mindbody – Tibetan Singing Bowls
Shiva Rea and Juil at Wanderlust
Clip of One Billion Rising with Shiva Rea & Bhakti Yoga Shala
Yoga Journal LIVE!: Meet Shiva Rea – Yoga Energy Activism
Shiva Rea's I'm Crazy for Cacao Shakti Recipe – Keep a Breast Non Toxic Revolution
Shiva Rea Chanting the Maha Mantra – Equinoccio de Primavera 2013 en Chichen Itza
Keep A Breast This is My Story – Shiva Rea
Keep A Breast Grooving at Wanderlust Festival with prAna, Shiva Rea, and DJ Drez

Creative Catalyst & Artist

TEDxBlackRockCity – Tending the Sacred Fire
Why We Chant – Chant4Change – Yoga Energy Activism
Global Mala Introduction
Gaiam: My Favorite Holiday: It's Always New
Global Mala NJ 2012 by Studio Live TV
Shiva on Stage with MC Yogi at Wanderlust 2011
Tadasana Festival – Ceremonial Blessing with Parashakti, Shiva Rea, and Rene Collins
C.C. White Soul Kirtan at Kripalu with Shiva – Take Me To the River – pt 1
Chant4Change – Shiva Rea and Drummers Pump It Up
Shiva Rea at the Fillmore in Preparation of Wanderlust -
Turkey Whirling Dervish Shiva Rea Group
Unifying Rhythm Global Yoga Trance Dance for the Earth with Shiva Rea, Cheb i Sabbah + Hassan Hakmoun
Chant4Change – Shiva Rea & The Mayapuris – Heartbeat for Your Body
C.C. White Soul Kirtan at Kripalu with Shiva – Take Me To the River – pt 2
Origin Magazine Interview
Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis featuring Shiva Rea at Wanderlust Copper
Mindbody: The Art of Kolam
Mindbody: Nagini
Global Mala 2012 Newark NJ
Global Mala Worldwide Movement Meditation – Live Streamed Sept 21, 2013
Jai Uttal 2 Samba Shiva with Shiva Rea – Bhakti Fest 2013
Mindbody: Carving in India Ula Sport Video


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