Yoga Energy Activism

Yoga Energy Activism

YEA! Yoga Energy Activism

“We must use time creatively. Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative, peaceful extremists (in service to the people).

- Martin Luther King, Jr.


I would love to invite you to be an Energy Ambassador through simple participation in the Yoga Energy Activism (YEA) campaign.

Our energy future has no borders. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat are interconnected as every community is "downwind" of the next.

We waste more energy that we create - 54% according to GOOD magazine’s issue dedicated to clean energy.

The good news is that it would only take .02% of the current solar energy from the sun alone to supply power to the entire world. We are abundant in natural renewable energy BUT WE CHOOSE and are dependent on toxic, non-renewable energy sources both as a lifestyle and often as an inner state.

The yoga community is full of natural participants for this grassroots awareness campaign in which individual efforts can have a powerful collective ripple effect.

Yoga has always been intimately connected to the prana of nature from the open air yoga centers (shalas) to the knowledge of synching the body with the elements. During many holi-days connected to the moon and the sun, many people fast or feast, alone or with family, “unplugged” from modern energy use with only candlelight as a way to be more connected. Through that natural act of either not using energy or using energy in a special way (a walking pilgrimage), the body is attuned to a deeper rhythm AND the side benefit - you actually save energy. Quite a bit of energy.

We are encouraging yoga practitioners around the world to unplug, tune in and take responsibility for our energy future. By participating, we are encouraging the yoga world to take an energy fast-Sabbath for a day. Our main goals are to reduce consumption, reduce waste, and increase awareness in our homes and in our communities. These YEA regeneration days are days to take a technology fast, create meals that produce no waste, use alternative energy sources, and celebrate the abundance of natural energy and resources all around us with our friends and family.

Please see below for simple ways to participate and be involved in the YEA Movers + Shakers Project: SolarAid Campaign as a tangible way to feel the strength of the collective, get your community involved.

For the earth,


YEA! Yoga Energy Activism

Join the energy revolution! Become an energy activist by committing to transforming our inner and outer sources of fuel from toxic and limited to healthy and renewable. YEA! Inspires, educates, and provides resources for yogis to become leaders in a green future for all.

WAKE-UP AND PARTICIPATE on an individual or community level in creating a cleaner energy future. Unplug Tune-In Recharge

WHAT? YEA! is about committing to use less energy for as long as you can (from one hour to the entire day)and waste less energy and support energy regeneration. It is about conscious energy use and moving toward actively minimizing our carbon imprint on the planet.

WHY? We waste more energy than we use. We throw away more food than we eat. We are the #1 Trash Producing Nation. We have an abundance of natural energy to tap into. It takes only .02% of the Sun’s energy to power the earth’s current needs

Simple Steps for getting involved (take a try at it!):

1. Decide how and what to unplug and for how long. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bike instead of drive
  • Use solar or candle light for zero electricity use
  • Unplug all applicances• turn off cell phones, computers, ipods...(except refrigerator)
  • Rest, be with lovers, family, friends, read, reflect, create, play, be quiet, be festive
  • Go for zero or as little waste as possible by composting and recycling
  • cook less, eat less, waste less
  • Reduce water consumption: flush one less time / cut 2-6 minutes off your shower
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Longer meditation and yoga practice
  • Fasting: eating once or twice a day, or juice fast, or fruit + vegetable fast

  • 2. Go to Facebook and sign up to participate via our Yoga Energy Activism group page - unplug, use zero waste, and tune in with thousands of other yoga practitioners around the world to inspire positive global change.

  • Post ideas, and ways for us to get more people and studios involved in change
  • Post photos of your Global Mala event
  • Post your personal experience

    SolarAid Campaign

    One small light, one big idea

    A solar lamp does more than shine a light. A solar lamp protects the environment and transforms lives.

    598 million off-grid Africans have no access to electricity and many rely on toxic kerosene for lighting. These brutal lamps emit noxious black smoke and burn up to 20% of the household income - locking millions into poverty. By contrast solar lights cost as little as $10, pay for themselves after 12 weeks and last for five years. Having free, clean light and not wasting money on kerosene transforms peoples’ chances in life. We have taken on the challenge of getting these lights to the people that need them most and aim to get a clean light into every home in Africa by the end of the decade.

    Learn more about SolarAid.

    Call to Action!

    Be a Mover and Shaker for YEA! Get your studio and students involved!

    Join a worldwide grassroots activation of the yoga community connected through the Global Seva Challenge and the Global Mala Project to save energy, CO2 emissions and waste through Energy Sabbaths and Take the pledge:

    "I pledge as an energy activist to take responsibility for my personal energy consumption, get informed on the direct and indirect impacts of my energy demands, and mobilize my community toward greater collective sustainability for the benefit of all beings and future generations on this planet."

    YEA Thank you!


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